How it all started....


Bite Guelph is a large-scale events and catering company. We began our operation in the spring of 2013 out of a small kitchen and storefront on Cork Street affiliated with The Joint Café. In the winter of 2014 we began to focus fully on our catering operation. With new ownership and direction we set up shop in a large kitchen at The Ignatius Jesuit Centre to do just that.

After only 5 years in operation we outgrew our little kitchen and purchased a 7,000 square foot building. 

Corporate deliveries, weddings, BBQ’s; Bite does it all. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. This translates nicely into the food we make and the service we provide. In fact, if you stop by our kitchen unannounced you may witness song and dance or raucous laughter. We hope that you enjoy your event as much as we enjoy preparing for it and you can sleep well knowing that, at the end of the day, all that’s left for you to do is take a Bite. 


To foster a positive work environment that enables happiness, passion & growth. Through this we are able to provide a friendly, joyful catering service that transcends the business-client relationship.



Low Impact Food

Our eco-friendly philosophy extends into everything we do. Sourcing locally and reducing waste are a given. We take that a step further. Our equipment runs when we use it; it doesn't run all day. Our organic waste is composted and put to other uses. Our products are ordered in bulk to reduce packaging. Our recipes are drafted to use every part of each ingredient. Our yields are very precise to eliminate excess product.  Our delivery and pick-up routes are planned to minimize mileage. The list goes on; you can likely tell... we are obsessed with being as low impact as possible.

Scratch Cooking
Every morsel of food that leaves our door has been made by hand and to order with fresh ingredients. There are no shortcuts in preparing good quality food.


We strive to conduct business with honesty and fairness. We are people too.